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PostgreSQL 11.5 (Ubuntu 11.5-0ubuntu0.19.04.1) on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, compiled by gcc (Ubuntu 8.3.0-6ubuntu1) 8.3.0, 64-bit

Does select work in case condition? I need return 1 state…We break down how to easily select text, images, and more on an iPhone and how to copy, paste, and share your selection.I have a field in my table that provides description for vehicles (Cars, Trucks, Vans, etc.). Unfortunately the descriptions are not all uniform…. Example:CAR#61CAR # 124CAR# 469TRUCK#123I need the data to read &hellipCheck the factors to look for in any Push Notification platform. This will help you select best push notification services.Hi I have excel date like below, IDFirst NameMiddle NameProfessionEmail100093JamesAgnes [email protected] [email protected] and videographers have a new avenue of high-quality stock footage to explore. Here’s how Bevan Goldswain of Alia Images is setting trends in this growing industry.Hi guyz,

I am trying to create a languauge Select page which should launch as first screen only when the app is launched for the first time and once the user has selected the language it should never come up again for &hellip

SQL Expressions

problem with CASE Statement Syntax

Concat Sql Group By – An overview of the CONCAT function in SQL with …

Desarrollo de Aplicaciones de sistema de Información


Testing’ Rlike (Select (Case When (588=0*588) Then 1 Else 0X28 End …

All about SQLServer: T-SQL Group By with CASE statement

ms sql server 2012 how to use if else statement demo – YouTube

Testing’ Rlike (Select (Case When (611=611) Then 1 Else 0X28 End …


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