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Cairns argued they were protecting an unnamed player in the team who had been abused and ‘vilified’ after reports of their hesitation to wear the uniform on religious grounds surfaced.The Taipans coach has defended his club for its NBL pride round stance, as another said he hoped players would be ‘educated enough’ in the future to understand importance of it.10,000 pixel Apes battling on the blockchain since June 2021.
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T…Olympic bronze medallist and Phoenix Suns forward Jock Landale has said he would ‘100 per cent’ wear a pride jersey, and hopes the NBA follows the NBL’s lead.This is becoming, sadly and infuriatingly, a familiar story in sports. The NHL wants you to believe that “hockey is for everyone,” except that it never seems to filter down to anyone in the game below the tagline.Read more…Staley to return as Chargers coach; Lombardi fired as OCwith this:
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